10 Best Spooky House Decorations


1. Drawer pieces Dolls

2. Anatomical Print
Anatomy and print chair cushions by AK-LH remind me to exercise proper posture when sitting.

3. Leather mat Hitler
Millions of people seem to have a dream to trample on Hitler's body and now they can do with a carpet of Hitler, this work by Israeli artist Boaz Arad who says he hopes to show how the Holocaust has scarred Israel, but also been misused olehnya.Dia said the carpet was representation of what Nazi hunter would do if he captures the main prize, the Nazi leader.

4. Human Furniture

5. Ceramic baby face
Imagine a room full of these tiles, a little weird

6. Bloody Candles
Made from two-color candle (white on the outside, red on the inside), this Bleeding Pillar Candles look normal when sitting on your coffee table. But his light will look more sinister when blood oozes out from the melted wax!

7. Lights damned
This lampshade is actually a mass of people-shaped ornaments, twisted and frozen in an agonizing position, which is intended to illustrate the metaphor of mankind from rahmat.Desain by Merx Lux.

8. Mirror Terrible
Every morning will feel like a horror movie scenes with view mirror of a circle by a French company, Domestic.

9. Bloody bath mat
Upon entering the bathroom, give your guests a surprise by putting a bloody mat there, This is the ultra-realistic horror genre in household appliances!

10. Coffin Coffee Tables
Worried that you forgot about the death in your daily life?
Pratt student Charles Constantine is looking to change this and inject a bit of morbidity into the daily routine, with his new design for a coffee table Coffin.
Not only that can store books and other knick-knacks like personal mementos, but the main goal is to save YOU - or what remains of you - when you forward into the next life

source : http://haxims.blogspot.com/2011/06/10-dekorasi-rumah-yang-paling-seram.html