Cat characters in movies famous cartoon

1. Doraemon

Doraemon is the title of a popular manga is authored Fujiko F. Fujio since 1969 and tells about the life of a child's 5th grade elementary school slacker named Nobi Nobita who was visited by a robot cat named Doraemon who come from the century-22. He was sent to help Nobita Nobita's descendants to be able to enjoy his success rather than having to suffer from financial debt that will happen in the future, which is caused by ignorance Nobita.

2. Tom
Tom and Jerry is an American animated series produced MGM which tells the story of a pair of cat (Tom) and mouse (Jerry) who are always quarreling. This animated series is the winner of an Academy Award (Oscar) and form the basis of a successful series studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). This short story they created, written and directed by 2 people animator named William Hanna and Joseph Barbera (they Kemudain famous as Hanna-Barbera).

3. Garfield
Garfield is a comic strip by Jim Davis who told of Garfield as the main character is a cat pet Jon Arbuckle. Other figures are Odie, a dog who is less intelligent. In 2006, the comic strip is licensed to approximately 2570 newspapers and magazines as well as holding the record in the Guinness World Record as the comic strip's most widely licensed in the world. Garfield The name is taken from the name of Jim's grandfather, James Garfield Davis, who was formerly named after U.S. President James Garfield.

4. Felix The Cat
Felix the Cat was inspired by Kipling's The Cat That Walked By Himself in Just So Stories, published in 1902. originally it was created by a young animator named Otto Messmer, with a film which lasts 5 minutes, Feline Follies (1919) and Musical Mews (1919), Felix was known as "Master Tom". Through the third film, The Adventures of Felix , (1919), then the cat has its own name.

In its early years, Felix cartoons are distributed by Paramount Pictures, and then by MJ Winkler. Messmer directed over emergency and to animate the cartoon Felix the Cat 175 between 1919 and 1929 (10 years). Felix was the first leader who made the merchandise for a widespread, he began in 1923 until 1966.

5. Sylvester
J. Sylvester Pussycat, Sr.. or Sylvester (the Cat) is a cartoon character in the series and Merrie Melodies Looney Tunes from Warner Bros. production. Sylvester uses the name adapted from the felis silvestris. Sylvester describes a black and white cat owned by Granny. Sylvester Granny always maintained. Target is targeted Sylvester Tweety, Speedy Gonzales and Hippety Hopper. Sylvester sometimes in cooperation with Wile E. Coyote Speedy Gonzales when capturing fast race in the race between Speedy Gonzales and Road Runner. This character is sometimes hard in the task of capturing birds or mice. This character was created by Friz Freleng

6. Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty is the name for a group of characters designed by Japanese company, Sanrio. The main character named Kitty White, is the personification of a white cat with a characteristic ribbon or other decoration on the left ear and mouth are not drawn.

Hello Kitty copyright registered in 1976 and is now the trademark throughout the world. When first introduced, the main target market is the daughter of Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty fan but now consists of women and men of all ages.

In Japan, a huge fan and collector of Hello Kitty is called Kitty-ra. In 2004, Hello Kitty goods to penetrate the market more than 60 countries around the world. Hello Kitty character is already a subculture that represent Japanese culture.

7. Cyborg Kurochan
Cyborg Kuro-chan is Shonen Manga series created by Naoki Yokouchi, serialized in Kodansha magazine Comic Bom Bom. This was later adapted into an anime series produced by Studio bogey and aired on TV Tokyo on October 2, 1999 to January 6 December 2001, Episode 66.

8. Furball
Furball is a blue cat who is a minor form of Sylvester Lonney Toon, while it is Version Furball Tiny Toon.

Another addition:
Puss In Boots
Cats in the movie Shrek is quite famous for its style Zorronya.

Cheshire Cat
Cats that frequently appear in the movie Alice in Wonderland.

He is a cat character in the cartoon series Thundercats.