7 World's Greatest Pirate

7 World's Greatest Pirate

Ever heard the Pirates? Maybe we think it's only fantasy story, but here a little I want to introduce some pirate captain who had triumphed in the golden era. In the year 1600-1700. They had triumphed in seven oceans, spreading terror and trade kapal2 colonialist plunder. They are famous pirate of his time and provided plenty of inspiration to the present.

1. Henry Morgan, The King of All Pirates 

Henry Morgan or morgan 'the terrible' is one of the most k ejam of pirates, with courage, brutality, and intelligence, making him the most feared and revered pirate of all time. Hendry WelshAdmiral and used to be a privateer, probably also one of the famous and successful of the privateers from Wales. Privateers is an individual or a private warship authorized by a state government with a letter of marque to attack foreign shipping. Privateers are part of the naval war from several countries from the 16th to the 19th century.

2. Bartholomew Roberts 'Great Pirate Roberts' - Black Bart 

Bartholomew Roberts, known as the 'Great Pirate Roberts', exploring the sea in the early eighteenth century. He explored the coasts of North America and Selatan.Roberts known to save so much hatred for people on the island of Martinique and Barbados, so he created a black flag to illustrate it. He was a great success pirate during the Golden Age of Piracy. He captured more ships than some of the best pirates of this era, such as Blackbeard or Captain Kidd. He is thought to have arrested more than 470 ships. At the end of his life Captain Roberts was killed by grapeshot (a type of cannon the ship) that about it, when he stood on the deck.After that he was buried in the sea by the crew of his ship by wrapping using sails.

The death of Roberts' shocked the world of pirates, as well as the British Navy. The local traders and civilians even think if he's invincible, and some consider a hero.The death of Roberts is regarded by many as the end of this history that the Golden Age of Piracy.

3. William Kidd - 'Captain Kidd' 

Initially, Kidd is a seafarer who recruited the British monarchy to crush pirates. Kidd equipped with his legendary ship that is the Adventure Galley. The ships are equipped with 34 cannons and capable of carrying 80 crew, but then Captain Kidd turned pirate who Bringas, this story emerged after Britain accused Kid hijack ships.

Quedagh Merchant is a huge treasure ship of 400 tons of pern ah in snatched by Kidd, inside the ship there are a lot of Satin, Gold, Muslins, Silver and some merchandise from the East Indies. This made him become one of the pirates who have treasure the most.

4. Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach 

Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach is undoubtedly one of the pirate's most feared and most hated of all time. With a physique that horrible, thick black beard that almost covered the entire face. He is a British pirate who operated in the vicinity of the West Indies and the east coast of America in the early 18th century. He has the pride of the ship named Queen Anne's Revenge.

Edward was known always carry two swords, numerous knives and pistols as a weapon. He has seized more than 40 merchant ships in the waters of the Caribbean. He also did not hesitate to kill his prisoners.

5. Anne Bonny 

Anne Bonny was one of two women who became pirates. Toughness and keperkasaannya no doubt because he joined the pirate Jolly rogger, one group of pirates who are very respected. In the world of football terjangnya pirate he duet with her fellow women is Mary Read. In order to join the trip Rackham, Anne disguised as men. Although a woman, but she also followed the war and conduct other activities should a man. Even the crew-crew Rackham 'The Revenge' honor Anne Bonny.

6. John Rackham - 'Calico Jack' 

Calico Jack was a British pirate captain who operated in the Bahamas in the early 18th century. Jack is famous for his story that has two female crew (his girlfriend Mary Read and Anne Bonny) which is unusual at that time and creates an image that is the head of the pirate flag skull with crossed swords, later became the inspiration for the story of the other pirates.

Calico Jack and his crew had hijacked 'Kingston', a Jamaican ship and ultimately become their flagship vessel. Then he conquered in some areas of the West Indies, taking several big ships in the Bermuda area. Calico Jack is also regarded as the inspiration of the character Jack Sparow. Besides, he also has the first ship of Jack Sparow, Black Pearl.

7. Olivier Levasseur - The Buzzard 

Olivier Levasseur, nicknamed La Buse or Bouche (The Buzzard), this nickname because of his speed and silence in musuh2nya finish. At first he became a naval officer after receiving a military education. After the war Spain (1701-1714) ended he was ordered to return home with his ship, but instead he joined Benjamin Hornigold is a pirate organization in 1716. Levasseur prove himself as a good leader on board, although he has a scar on one eye that limits his vision.

In 1720, one of his eyes had become totally blind, so he started wearing a blindfold, which allegedly arise in the future if every pirate identical using one of the blindfolds.

Top of glory was when he robbed the Portuguese-owned ship that is Galeon Nostra Senhora do Cabo that full containing valuables. When the spoils were divided, each pirate receive at least £ 50,000 of gold guineas (adjusted for inflation for 2008: £ 7,500,000), and each got 42 diamonds. Levasseur then divide the remaining gold, silver and other objects, while Levasseur himself took the cross of gold. 

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