20 World Sex Records

20 World Sex Records

Shot of Fastest, Highest and farthest 
Ejaculation World Record for the fastest, highest and farthest on hold by Horst Schulzt. Noted for speed bursts of sperm during ejaculation is 42.7 m / h to reach a distance of 6 m with a height of 8.5 m.
Youngest Mother

Lina Medina, born in Peru in 1933. Menstruating at the age of 3 years, then became pregnant and gave birth at the same age by caesarean section. It is not known who the father of a baby who, but a few days after birth his father was arrested on charges of incest.

Most Orgasms

Dr. William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian of Sexual Martal Study Center, Long Beach Califonia U.S. for 22 years doing research on the phenomenon of orgasm in men and women. They note that women can survive and have 134 orgasms per hour while the man 16 times for each hour.
Oldest Orgasm

Based on research in 1966 by Masters and Johnson noted, an adult woman can experience orgasms for 43 seconds to 25 times the contraction of the muscles senggamanya burrow.
Most sperm receptacle

Michelle Monaghan, the woman who came from Los Angeles, the U.S. is the world record holder for most sperm reservoir. In 1991 he managed to remove sperm from 1.7 liters. It is not known that much semen obtained from men and how many times how many sex session.
Longest Fur

This record is a bit unique. Maoni Vi, a woman who comes from Cape Town South Africa is the record holder fur "armpit and pubic hair" the longest in the world where each length is 80 cm and 70 cm.
Strongest Vagina

For business this may Tatiata Kozhevnikova is the strongest. This Russian woman is the record holder for "vagina" strongest in the world. Tatiata can lift a pendulum that is bound with a load weighing 62 kg who drowned in the canal senggamanya.
Most Gang Bang

Lisa Sparxxx, adult film actress is a United States record holder "Gang Bang" world's largest. In 2004 he managed to break the record in its own name with rotated 919 men in one day.
Masturbation Oldest

This time masturbation longest record held by a Japanese American, Masanobu Sato. He followed a masturbation contest organized by Sex & Culture Center of San Francisco where he can survive for 9 hours 58 minutes. It is not known whether hold its own or use the services of jockey.
Most Deadly Sex Technique

Never blow your partner's vagina intercourse excessively during lovemaking. The results are fatal and can lead to death. Blowing air on the canal in a deliberate and excessive sexual intercourse resulting in obstruction in the arteries as well as symptoms disemboli in the lungs. Noted death can occur 30 minutes after treatment.
Largest Penis in the History of Executions

In the year 1300 BC, King Meneptha managed to win the battle for the kingdom of Libya. As a celebration of the victory he had ordered troops to execute the penis nearly 13,000 prisoners of war and build a monument in the area of Karnak to commemorate the moment. At the monument was written the names of anyone who is in the execution of which the generals of the war, army, Libyan society and some mercenaries from Greece.
Longest Penis

Longest penis in world record held by Jonah Falcon with a length of 34 cm where the length of the average male penis in the world is 12 cm.
Deepest Vagina

If Jonah Falcon had a penis 34 cm long, then Anna Swan (1846-1888) had intercourse burrows along the 37.5 cm. Unfortunately, the record holder as the world's deepest vagina is Jonah Falcon passed away while still alive until now.
Daisy Style Longest in History

Named spintriae or a combination of some couples who have sex with a circle. This ritual has been known since long and popular in the era of the Roman Empire. It is said of the Roman emperor Tiberius loved this ritual, and often do so together with members of the royal family. No fewer than 30 couples participated in every ritual that was held and became popular later carried by many local people including the legendary city of Pompeii.
Largest Orgy

Record Number of Orgy (ML berjemaah), the largest on hold by Japan which recorded 250 simultaneous sex couples in one large room and declared a record for the largest orgy ever.
Biggest Nude Parade

Starting in a marathon running event held University of Michigan each end of the summer semester before the holidays. Number of participants who use minimal summer clothing over the years turned into a routine parade naked. On April 21, 1998 recorded about 1,500 students and students participated in this parade. Police recorded about 500-800 people dressed almost naked and the rest totally naked in the parade which is then recorded as the record for the world's largest naked parade.
Strongest Penis

Tatiata Kozhevnikova probably the strongest woman who has a vagina that is able to lift weights 62 kg.Similarly, Mo Ka Wang Hong Kong man who succeeded in carrying over 125 kg high as 10 cm from soil surface by using his penis. He is admitted to practice an ancient Taoist techniques that have been aged 2500 years in order to enhance its vitality.
Oldest Porn Star

Switch to Japanese. This time the oldest record held by a porn star Shigeo Tokuda 76 years old.Although retired, Shigeo has recorded 250 adult film titles during his career.
Pay Expensive

Someone who does not want to be named willing to pay $ 3.8 million or approximately Rp. 41.8 M in the auction of Natalie Dylan's virginity is posted on the internet. Circulating rumors claim Natalie refused the offer.
Largest Porn Collection

Daniel Gluck was infatuated with anything related to pornographi. From this hobby he collects approximately 500 large box containing a number of mejalah, pictures, posters Pono and a number of items related to sexual activity. Seeing the many collections that are collected, a number of his friends encourage him to build a gallery in order to accommodate his collection of more and more increasing. Be it known then geleri Sex Museum's first and biggest ever.

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